Brunch: Deploying

Brunch-generated applications are a bunch of simple static files. You can host them everywhere, even on free hostings, like GitHub pages. Because production environments are usually slightly different than development envs, brunch has production option.

To build application that has minified JS and CSS, execute brunch build --production. Then you can deploy it:

  • If you use static hosting site: build your application on your machine and just upload public/ directory to the directory that is served by a webserver.
  • If you use hosting that supports Node.js, you can install brunch there and auto-build app every time.
  • If you prefer Heroku, there is a nice small guide on deploying. Should work even on free instances.
  • If you’re into GitHub pages, you’ll need to build your app, move public/ directory to somewhere, switch to gh-pages git branch, remove files from directory and move files from your temporary dir here.