Why Brunch instead of competitors?

People love Brunch!


Report any bugs or request features on our GitHub Issues. We have a Forum and Stack Overflow tag. We also provide a paid support.


Follow @brunch and @paulmillr on twitter to get latest updates & news.

Our GitHub generally is the place to report bugs or even ask questions.

Feel free to discuss things with other users and ask for help in our ost.io forum section. You can also ask questions with #brunch tag at Stack Overflow.

If you want to add something new to brunch, contributing guidelines can help you. For details on creating your own plugin, please have a look at our Plugin API reference.

Things that integrate with Brunch

Editors / IDEs

There are also some text editor plugins that simplify developing apps with Brunch:

Commercial support

Hell Yeah

Hell Yeah LLC, a company behind Brunch is offering commercial support, consulting and training for React, Brunch and Backbone-based web applications. Drop us an email for more information.

Andriy Drozdyuk in Fredericton, NB, Canada. Contact me at drozzy@gmail.com for more information. Local only.

Are you providing Brunch consulting too? Place yourself here!